An Introduction to the Prose Poem

by: Brian Clements and Jamey Dunham (editors)

  • Publication Date: July 1, 2009
  • ISBN: 0966575474
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 328
  • Price: $26.00 + ($4.00 S&H)
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About the Book

An Introduction to the Prose Poem clears a new path for students, instructors, and general readers interested in exploring the "ramshackle and unexpected... thoroughfare" [Campbell McGrath] of a hard-to-define genre. For students and instructors, the anthology provides an implicit history of the genre, a wide array of models and strategies, and a map of the prose poem's potential via dozens of poets, a useful introductory essay and headnotes, and an innovative structure. For readers, it provides what every poetry fan wants; a ton of great poems.

About the Author

Brian Clements is the editor of Sentence: a Journal of Prose Poetics and the author of several collections of poetry, including Disappointed Psalms (Meritage Press) and And How to End It (Quale Press). He is a Professor of Writing, Linguistics, and Creative Process at Western Connecticut State University, where he coordinates the MFA in Creative and Professional Writing.
Jamey Dunham is the author of The Bible of Lost Pets (Salt Modern Poets). He is an Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio.



With work by: Joe Ahearn • Tahseen al Khateeb • Eric Anderson • Nin Andrews • Tom Andrews • Radu Andriescu • John Ashbery • Sally Ashton • Margaret Atwood • Edward Bartók-Baratta•Marvin Bell • Frank Bidart • Robert Bly • Christian Bök • Jorge Luis Borges • Catherine Bowman • John Bradley • Joe Brainard • Brian Brennan • Susan Briante •Beth Archer Brombert • Andy Brown • Sean Mclain Brown • Christopher Buckley • Maxine Chernoff • Brian Clements • Peter Conners • Matthew Cooperman • Margarito Cuéllar • Chad Davidson • Jeff Davis • Carlos Edmundo de Ory • Ana Delgadillo • Paul Dickey • Matthew Dickman • Linh Dinh • Sean Thomas Dougherty • Denise Duhamel • Jamey Dunham • Cornelius Eady • Russell Edson • Keith Ekiss • Mauricio Espinosa • Carolyn Forché • Stuart Friebert • Richard Garcia • Maria Giachetti • Allen Ginsberg • Arielle Greenberg • Dana Hábova • Mark Halperin • Jeff Harrison • Bob Heman • Brenda Hillman • Miroslav Holub • Paul Hoover • Brooke Horvath • Fanny Howe • Theo Hummer • David Ignatow • Tateo Imamura • James E. Irby • Max Jacob • Louis Jenkins • Brian Johnson • Peter Johnson • Roxane Beth Johnson • George Kalamaras • Janet Kaplan • Jesse Lee Kercheval • Charles Kesler • Milton Kessler • Kathleen Kirk • Kenneth Koch • Phyllis Koestenbaum • William T. Kulik • Lewis LaCook • David Lazar • Juliana Leslie • P. P. Levine • Rachel Loden • Gian Lombardo • Robert Lowes • Rupert Loydell • Dennis Maloney • Morton Marcus • John Martone • William Matthews • Campbell McGrath • Jerry McGuire • James Merrill • W. S. Merwin • Ben Miller • Gabriella Mistral • N. Scott Momaday • Geraldine Monk • Steve Myers • Amjad Nasser • Pablo Neruda • Andrew Neuendorf • Amy Newman • Frank O’Hara • Eunice Odio • John Olson • Cheryl Pallant • Michael Palmer • Philip Pardi • Francis Ponge • PF Potvin • Peter Redgrove • John Richards • James Richardson • R. L. Rimas • Andrew Michael Roberts • Kristin Ryling • Jaime Sabines • James Schuyler • Leonard Schwartz • Daryl Scroggins • Gavin Selerie • Kosho Shimizu • Charles Simic • Dale Smith • Alan Sondheim • Adam J. Sorkin • Gertrude Stein • Steven J. Stewart • James Tate • Kyle Vaughn • Paul Violi • G. C. Waldrep • J. Marcus Weekley • Irving Weiss • Tom Whalen • Steve Wilson • Cecilia Woloch • James Wright • John Yau • Clark M. Zlotchew

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